The Mist

Today saw the Mist !!
lucky we saw it after dinner........ otherwise for Sure I will have no mood to eat!!!

The story , the theme is good.
Fear of human, fear for the unknown stuff..... in the movie the atmosphere is great!!
Cold for relationship between human,
help? nice? care? everything gone in fear!!!
fake story, insane theory will influence peoples mind when u think there is no hope!!
Who is right? who is wrong? who can tell??

In the movie, Can see the nature of human!!
People are weak! towards fear, they will be over alert, scary, depressed....
someone will even give up life!!!

Things not juz happened in that super-market but towards everyone!
The story , i mean is good, but...... very honest is disgusting! ugly ~
the most uncomfortable one I had ever seen!!! very uncomfortable!!

it's pity that "give up" too easily and always too early.
something might change if you keep going, if you insist u r right and keep going!
so..... shd believe in your life, hopes always there!

《攣到爆》 ~~ yeah~~ RE-RUN

Finally Re-Run!!!
Strongly recommened. that should be a wonderful show!!!
When u happened read this + u are free + in HKG.
Take a chance to see it or introduce to ya friends~~~~
u will be worth going to this!!!!! @_@



粵語演出 (In Cantonese)

08年4月10日(四) 至17日(四) 8pm (* 除4月14日(一)休演)
08年4月13日(日) 3pm

$320, $260, $200 (星期五、六、日8pm)
$300, $240, $180 (星期二至四8pm及星期日3pm優惠價)
*4月13日(日) 3pm特設限量八折學生優惠票


購票熱線:31 288 288
節目查詢:2905 8134


WOW~~~~ haaapppppyyyyy~~

HAHHA~~ thkssssssss my friend.
Got 阿信 new book for me and get his sign!!! with =) draw on that!
Super happy !!!!! hahahhhaaa~~~~

Pls pls pls come to held CON soon!!!
can't wait to scream and jump thru out the Con like last 2 years!!
May Day ! May Day!!! hahhaha

I hope my voice will get well soon......
since 2.14 the voice already not good, seems getting worst~
i want my voice back na~~ >.<

after Jan's talk show, it goes worst!!!
too happy , laugh too much.....笑到我以為會斷氣!!!!

Exhibition - GOOD

Today pass-by Fringe Club, then remember need to collect the ticket I've ordered for HKIFF.

After that, saw there is an exhibition called "You are All they have"
by: Lamma Animal Welfare Centre.

They are a charity working for homeless animals.
The theme is want to tell everyone who want to, plan to, already feeding pets ---all those pets owners to aware that



People who abuse the pets is Crazy!!
People who abandon the pets is Irresponsible!!
It's not just for fun, it is a life-long commitment!

Pets are the WORST PRESENTS for someone that not ready for a owner!
they are cute.... but they will grown up!
they will also have emotion~ just like a kid!
they also needs cares, loves and lotssss of PATIENTS!
actually they needs more attention then a baby.... coz they NOT ABLE TO TELL U how they feel, what they want!! u gotta feel it!!

I hate ppls treats animal like NOTHING!!!
THINK plsss~~~ before you plan to be a pet owner!!
They live can last for more than 10+ years, if you are lucky!!
so..... dun just think they are Cute and take it home!!

Hope more ppls can see this Exhib.
Hope the homeless animals numbers can reduce!!!

I remember there is a kid said to his Cat:
"Thou u loves to bite me everydays but I still loves you always!!"
HAHAH~~ soo funny!!
I think it's all the pet owners who really loves their pets will agree!!

Lov "SHOW"


24/2~~~ SUPER HAPPY to see 小豬's Con!!!
Super COLD!!!
Super HIGH!!!!
Super GREAT Show!!!
Enjoy soo much!!
and TOTALLY Lost my VOICE @_@!!!!!! yeah~ lost totally!!!!

First time see concert in open area and @ that place.
Lucky that better than I expected.
The Screen is soo CLEAR!!! hahha~~~




da week of mine..... sick....

-_- still sick! lost my original voice totally!
every time sick sooo long... sigh..
this week not really done too much as sick leave 1.5 days.....
all my colleagues even my boss also sick!?!! how come V_V
add oil next week again!!
Rest rest!~~
Watched a Jap Drama: 偵探伽利略-ガリレオ
By: 福山 雅治 & 柴咲コウ(柴崎幸) &北村 一輝 
Haha~ super GREAT Drama,
Very interesting!! It's all about 警察/刑事 推理/懸疑 , my favorite story type!!
福山 雅治 in the drama quite funny and Charm,
I think I can understand why jap's women so fancy on him!!

Very nice and happy that long time didn't chase a whole drama by 2 days!
hehehe~~~~ thks bro. bought the Dvd back! yeah yeah~


L 之終章‧最後的23天

Finally saw this movie on Fri nite!
Nice one!!! of coz Kenichi act really like L.
so funny!! I like him.

This time the story is not part of death note but rather talking abt wht did he done during the 23 days b4 he die! With his clever brain, save the world again!

The movie bring message to everyone!
No one can change the world alone, no one can determine others life!!
No one can live alone!
Everyone had rights for forgiveness.....etc....

It's worth to see!!


Ordered the HKIFF tickets.
This year I am Free and able to knew b4 the ticket show out.
BUT......... why every time always like this???
whenever i am able to see, the movies is not that attractive???
anyway, we did pick some, hope it's interesting.
Might be finding others if also nice to see as well.


Bought Drama ticket again!!
hoho~~ done by those actor/actress that we fond of.... hahahha
look'g forward to it!!
seems very lucky that this year already got few up coming in next 2 mths are always waiting for the re-run for long time.
and in Jan & Feb already saw few shows and con which is very GREAT!!

Happy happy! hahhah


Coming up event:
24 Feb -"Show's Concert"
1 March - "29+1"
22 March - "Drama"
23 March - "水滸傳"
12 April - "孿到爆"
20 April - "戀上莎士比亞 - 仲夏夜夢"
25 April - "Shirley Kwan Concert"
31 May - "萬世歌王"

Expecting more:
- HKIFF's moviess
- some cakes lesson
- May Day Concert
- trips to Taiwan or others area....

....... Hope i will have a Busy Yr of 2008!!!
hahhahha~~~~ @_@

i will add oil to make it FULL~!!!!!!


pls pls pls~~~ i dun want sick anymore.....
2008 jux start 2nd mth ja~ how come be sooo weak???

Flu are really serious!!!!
today with a very NICE voice =.=!!!
last 2 days jux lying on bed! sooo poor~~

But every time when I sick seriously, my best place to go is mum's bedroom!
ahhahah~~ duno why, since I was small, I already super like sleep there for whole day! usually is I actually cannot move... heheheh~~~no choice!!

Every time will think if staying there I will recover more quickly!!
HAHAHHAHA~~~~ sooo stupid thinking, but till now, i am still doing the same thing!!!!

May be the smell of mum & dad is the best medicine!!
u know.... jux relax and sleep really well!!!
(esp. for the ppls like me, never able to sleep well! )

ppls think my high fever and sick go that worst is due to I went to Chet's concert!! HAHHAHAH~~~~ I have no idea ne~~~ but seems everytime after Concert or other show, i will be Sick!? why?!? is that the cause? or is the result??

anyway, I gotta get well asap. Another "Show" is waiting for me !!!!!!

Chet Lam -The Storyteller Concert

2.14 @林一峰- Storyteller Concert!
他出名靚聲!! 看他一定不會失望.
起初有點擔心因為他是在九展開, 不過還好, 比上次在那看舞台劇好多了.
一峰很風騷呢!! 他們的對話很好笑!!
Um…..but…. 我覺得亞祖要減肥, 唔係你個”孿到爆”點算先?!?!

其實成個concert 有好多o野睇, 我唔明點解d 報導只係focus係”小鳥依人”度lor,
D記者難道盲o既???? 好唔掂lor~!!!

開心我買到好位,surprise 的很近見到一峰!
其實有時都會見到, 不過suprise情況下更happy!!
令原本頭痛的我更痛, 因為太興奮了.
Encore 是連阿詩都出0黎, 他真的很幸福, 好朋友都到場support 他, 還有他的家人!!
“紅河村”是我超喜歡的歌, 他唱到喊, 好感動!!

大家send 給他的樹, 在concert 內有出現, 變成這一幅畫, 好靚!!




我都有啦!!! >.<
重靚d添lor~~~ hhahahah~~~~

when can stop??

When can it stop?? these mooliu News?

sooo ugly, disgusting, annoying.... =_=
I wish they can stop,

Actually jux entertainment area news,
i know none of them and none of my business.
Why even the A1 page of newspaper also keep on reporting them??
i really have no interest lor~~~

plsss stop !!!
ho fan!! >.<


年初四. 超凍!!!
今天去看disney 既戲, 很搞笑.
然後去了打邊爐!! 但還是覺得謙記比較好味.

他今次真的很落力!! 還有搖鼓送.
但我真的很想講, 要知道這世界上會有些人是真的沒有節奏感的.
坦白講很騷擾, 而且正正在我後面的那位人兄, 從開場到完結都超激動,
還勁無禮貌!! 我背後全程涼浸浸….. =.= !! 好煩!! 好討厭!!

不過還是不差的, 有別以往的表演.

NOW,.... CHET LAM Concert 期待'ing @_@~~


疲れよ!!Tired Zzzz~~
as usual go Hiking with family during 3rd day of CNY.

Luckily this time is sunny and nice weather!
Thou a bit cold! but very comfortable!

This time went to Lam Tin and walk thru to Sai Kung!!
hahahha~ long time no walk ~ but not hard this time!
so happy!!

I jux dun like these road! many leaves..... >.<


after that we went to lunch and eat sweet soup @ Sai Kung!
Sooo many ppls near the Pier!

enjoy enjoy. good Ex.
next time hope walk somewhere with seaview, but... i guess if walk that route will need to walk longer time!! today jux 4 hrs. quite easy ne.



Last day of the Year of Pigpig.
Tmr will be the Year of Rat!


No matter last year how sad, how unhappy and whtever happened.
just let it go, forget it and start a brand new year tmr!

In ねずみ年, Wish all my friends 新春万福!!
Healthy and Happy and with Luck all the time!!!
新年快樂!!! Crazy & Happy 2'gether !!


summary of the Week~

Busy Week~~ as moving office!!it's 80% done!!
all i remember is running around 2 offices and my boss apt.
packing and unpacking stuff!!!
Now I am a professional MOVER or "GuLeei" u can say !! if anyone need I think i really can help lor!

I am surprise that jux me and my colleague can actually organize and move the whole office!!! >.< from planning the design, fitting to packing and unpacking.....etc... wht da hard job!!

these days keep on OT. the most crazy is there is one night we leaving the new ofc at 12:30am !!!!!!! Chi X sin !! really damn fuck'g hate the "PCXW" service!!
Lucky weekend I can Zzzzz ~~ but it's bloody FREEZ'G!!! I should get myself a nice new COAT for CNY!! as next week is CNY na~~


last nite the Gathering dinner b4 end of yr of pig!!
Lov lov lov to see all my dearest friends.
Always relax and forget the anger feeling on work when spending time with them.
The dinner is yummy but REALLY FAST!!!! Rushing rushing ~ hahahha
then we saw the movie "Sweenty Todd"!! WOW my lov Johnny Depp + Tim Burton.
really Bloody movie! but special! like a musical!!
However, if it act in another way not a musical, will it be more GREAT?!
anyway, I still enjoy thou thru out the movie I am very Tired!!!!!!! >.<

Looking forward to have the "First Dinner of the Year of Mice" =)

Today surf'g internet again as long time not have time online, so checking email and cleaning up stuff. WOWOWW~~ ppls seems all talking all about the Hot News but.... i dunno the details lor~~ !! sigh.... but actually those news, none of my business at all. so nothing miss! hahahha~~~ really dun care and no interest!!

But soooo sooo happy that when visiting Chet's web, he announced the guest of his Con. (actually i am super outdated as that post is 25Jan...hmmm......0_0)
I know everynite also have 梁祖祖!!! hahhaha~ super happy lor!! jux see Chet and him already know will have a GREAT nite!! coz all songs are great singing by his voice!!!

And.......I am going the 2nd date... but... he said that night guest is "唔講得"!!!! >.< will it be Sandy Lam?? I lov her Super!! as they lov her as well~ hahaha~~~
soo looking forward!!!!!


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